Harrison Bowden is a designer based in Sebastopol, CA.
He is the co-founder & head of design at Puck, on a mission to make hiring more human. Previously, he was on the product design team at Lyft and started his career developing the category defining rideshare brand.
Featured project
Make hiring more human with Puck
Designed a more authentic hiring platform that captures a team’s employer brand and distributes content in the only people-first recruiting CRM
Co-founder, product development, research, end-to-end visual + interaction design, prototyping
Puck branding was developed by the amazing team at Goodside.
Job pages with podcasts
Make job descriptions less awful. Our team schedules, produces, and edits podcasts that live on job descriptions. Interested candidates get to actually hear from their future teammates.
Sourcing pages built with AI
From a job description URL, you can create a more helpful sourcing page in minutes.
  • Scheduling phone screens
  • Hear podcasts from team members
  • See your potential commute
  • Leave feedback for the team
Design system for a new CRM
We wanted teams to be able to distribute their content more easily. Our logged in experience needed to support new functionality. We developed a design system that would flex to support these new features and speed up development time.
Talent pool
No more managing prospects and candidates in spreadsheets. The talent pool allows you to add and organize your prospects.
Deliver multi-stage email sequences with better employer brand content. Send emails with better images and gifs from all your team’s content.
Create personalized landing pages for your candidates. With the help of AI, you can get a custom sourcing page in minutes.
Other projects
Ratings & feedback
Developed a more thoughtful and informative feedback loop for drivers and riders. Improving safety and recognition for top drivers.
  • Led cross-functional effort to improve ratings & feedback across Rider, Driver, Safety, and other teams
  • Research with riders and drivers
  • End-to-end interaction and visual design
Destination mode
Increased driver hours by giving drivers the ability to accept rides along a specific route.
Designed the in-app experience for tracking shipping, pairing, and maintaining a connected device that made Lyft pick ups safer.
  • Early collaboration with industrial design team
  • Surfacing shipping information with the app
  • In-ride passenger and driver experience
  • Collaboration with motion design for in-app pairing
Express pay
Designed a feature allowing drivers to cash out earnings to a bank account. Over $15 million in payouts in the first week.
    New user experience
    Designed the new user sign up flow for Lyft riders. Helped develop an introduction video for new customers.
    Lyft branding
    Created the brand identity “Lyft” and helped implement the system across the in-app product experience.
    Want to chat?
    Send me a note at harrisonbowden@gmail.com